Scooter Cannonball 2006

Thirty scooters... 3293 miles cross-country... Everything will be fine.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day five complete (Ames, Iowa)

No mountains, no hairpin turns with 4000 foot drops, just a nice straightforward 400 mile day. I left a bit late after hanging out with Scotty, his scooter has issues (cruciform issues). He got in late last night and looks to be late tonight too.

Scariest moment: crossing the Burt County bridge over the Missouri River from Nebraska to Iowa. It's one of those metal deck bridges where the scooter tires fit between the metal tracks, it felt like the scooter was going to slide out of under me at any moment. I cursed the people who built the bridge the whole way across.

Biggest oops today: not turning around to get a picture of the big billboard that said 'Welcome to the middle of nowhere!'. Shoulda turned around for that.

The scooter ran much better today as we dropped to under a thousand feet of elevation. Whew. I was forced to run 89 octane gas for a tankful, who knew there were one gas station towns that don't sell premium? The premium in Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and now Iowa has all been 91 octane. No one has any explanation other than (with a quizzical face) 'Farmers?'.

Time in today: 2:45CDT, eighth finisher as I recall (don't quote me).


Blogger GTS250 said...

Glad to hear you are plugging along without much trouble Owen. You are doing awesome!

I also wanted to say you are doing a great job keeping your blog updated. It's by far the most frequently updated blog that I am following for the Cannonball.

I hope to see you at Scooters O on Monday!


8:44 PM  
Anonymous Vespa DesMoines said...

Scooty Here, I had a great time in Ames with Ralf, JD and Ashrat(Die Hard) Go girl. I Very happy to be of assitence and help with the use of the tote,and Impact wrench.

I plan to ride in 2008 hopfully with Ralf. Scooter

12:09 AM  

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